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Modernizing Sexual Health and Intimacy…

Emma Schmidt & Associates is a sex therapy and relationship therapy group practice located in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Our mission is to help make sex therapy and relationship therapy more accessible, locally, nationally and globally. As sex therapists, we believe you deserve to have a great sex life and relationships that fire on all cylinders. That’s why we are devoted to being the best in the sex & relationship therapy field.

Emma started the practice in 2011 because she found that the sex therapy field was significantly under-served in the Cincinnati area. Sex and intimacy play a big part in our lives and when it isn’t going well can have a huge impact on ourselves and relationships. We know that 30-40% of men and women struggle with some sort of sexual challenge. Additionally, we know that when sex isn’t working well it can affect up to 80% of our relationship in a negative way. That’s huge! What we see is that through guided conversation and exercises clients are able to not only have a greater bond and connection but tell us that after therapy with us, they are happier than they have ever been in their relationship. That’s pretty impactful. And that’s why we do what we do.

Please feel free to contact us to see if an in-person or online therapy session is the right next step for you. We have in person sessions at our West Chester, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky and Fishers, Indiana sites. We have virtual sessions available throughout Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana.

Our approach

Making Sex Therapy and Relationship Therapy More Accessible…


We offer therapy services locally, in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

As a part of our mission to make sex therapy more accessible we also created an in house sex therapy school to train other therapists to become sex therapists. We know the more therapists we can help get trained as sex therapists, the more people we will be able to help in the community.


We provide free services to our national audience. To help people who aren’t able to work with us via therapy, we provide free courses, group therapy, speaking engagements, community involvement, social media, podcasts, news articles, blogs and online videos. Sign up for our newsletter below so that you have the opportunity to catch us at our next event!


We want sexual health care to be accessible at a global level . To make progress against this goal, we have partnered with an organization in Nepal called Mukti. Mukti is a healing aftercare home for girls 17 and younger who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Because the staff at Mukti aren’t given adequate training as therapists or in sex education, we help support their care team to feel more equipped to work with these girls who have been rescued. In our partnership with Mukti we provide free sex education courses through our in house sex therapy school, supervision, group therapy and trainings to their care team. To donate to their mission you can go here.

What others are saying about our work

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Somi Javaid, MD
Certified OBGYN
Founder and CEO of HerMD
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Jill W. Bley, Ph.D.
AASECT Certified Sexuality Therapist and Supervisor
Founder of Women Helping Women
I am a pelvic health physical therapist working with men and women with sexual health concerns for 25 years.  Emma Schmidt and her Associates have been extremely valuable to the successful rehabilitation of my patientsREAD MORE
Kathleen Novicki, DPT, PRPC
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pelvic Health Professional
Founder of The Center for Pelvic Floor and Core Rehabilitation/Oxford Physical Therapy
Emma Schmidt & Associates, Sex + Relationship Therapy is a safe space to explore barriers to sexual health, improve communication, and work towards your best self. Having had Emma as a speaker on several panels,READ MORE
There is something to be said for availability of high quality, compassionate sex therapy in one’s area, and Cincinnati is incredibly fortunate to have Emma Schmidt & Associates… READ MORE 
Janelle Evans, MD
Kettering Medical Center
The team at Emma Schmidt and Associates brings a level of expertise and accessibility to sex and relationship therapy that are so rare to find. The team at Emma Schmidt and Associates brings a level of expertise and accessibility to sex and relationship therapy that are so rare to find… READ MORE
Ashley Solomon, Ph.D.
Founder of Galia Collaborative
As a specialist in female pelvic medicine and surgery, I often treat women with intimacy concerns. Emma Schmidt and Associates are wonderful certified intimacy therapists who remain an integral part of my patient care plans... READ MORE
Susan H. Oakley MD FACOG FPMRS
St. Elizabeth Physicians Division of Urogynecology, St. Elizabeth Board of Directors

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