erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Because sometimes it doesn’t always work the way we want…

If you are a person who is experiencing erectile dysfunction, you know all too well the toll it can take on your self-esteem, your relationships, and your sexual satisfaction. Our goal through erectile dysfunction treatment is to not only help you overcome your erectile dysfunction but to begin mending the other pain that has occurred from your sexual dysfunction. When working with people experiencing erectile dysfunction, one of the first things we want to rule out is any medical condition that could be attributed to the problem you are experiencing. This would likely be a referral to a urologist paired with some blood work. Then, once we better understand the medical factors at play, we can get to work!  

Did you know ?

Did you know that 25-30% of people who experience ED are under the age of 40? There is a major misconception that erectile dysfunction only happens to men later in life. But it can actually happen at any age. In fact, for many men it’s been something they’ve delt with their whole life.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, know you’re not alone! If you’re tired of living with erectile dysfunction and the self-esteem and relationship issues it can cause, then you’re in the right place. We can help you not only overcome erectile dysfunction but help you achieve an exciting and fulfilling sex life.

We realize it can be difficult to talk about ED with a stranger. So, please know that we do not take your vulnerability lightly. We realize it takes courage and bravery to even begin this process. Just know that when you are ready, we are here to help you overcome ED.

what causes Erectile dysfunction?

The missing link…

If you have ever searched “erectile dysfunction” on the internet you know that the following things can contribute to your ability to get or maintain an erection:

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Health conditions
  • Age
  • Certain medications

While we agree that those factors can all play a role in someone experiencing erectile dysfunction, we think there is a major factor that is often missing from the list of contributing factors. It is one of the biggest factors and often the main culprit of the dysfunction… YOUR THOUGHTS! We believe that your mental health has a major impact on your sexual functioning. For example, issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and poor self-esteem may all contribute to the development of ED.

How Do we Treat Erectile dysfunction?

Sometimes it starts with your mind…

One of the first things we talk about with our clients is the thoughts that come up for them before, during, and after sexual encounters. Often, they share that they are focused on getting or maintaining an erection, worried about their sexual performance, thinking about past experiences, or having negative thoughts about themselves during their sexual experience. In other words, they are not focused on the actual sexual experience, the pleasure they are experiencing, or their partner. Instead, they are hyperfocused on their own body part performing correctly. That doesn’t seem very sexy, does it?

Actually, if you are thinking more than you are experiencing, then your blood is traveling to your brain and not your penis preventing you from getting or maintaining an erection. This is a major factor in erectile dysfunction and something that we can help with.

Begin Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Cincinnati, OH, Kentucky, and Indiana

If you’re ready to address the unhelpful thoughts that are contributing to your erectile dysfunction, then talking to a sex therapist can really help. All the therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates are trained to help individuals from all walks of life overcome sexual challenges like ED so they can get back to living their best lives. To begin therapy in Cincinnati, online therapy in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Emma Schmidt and Associates to request a free consultation.
  2. Meet with a sex and relationship therapist online or at our office in Cincinnati.
  3. Begin counseling and work towards having a great sex life.

Other Counseling Services Offered at Emma Schmidt and Associates:

The therapy team at Emma Schmidt and Associates specializes in offering high-quality sex therapy. But that’s not the only counseling service they provide at their counseling clinic in Cincinnati, OH, and online throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. They treat many different sexual concerns including sexual pain and mismatched libido. They also offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma and PTSD treatment, sexual trauma treatment, EMDRrelationship and couples therapy, and affair recovery counseling. Additionally, our therapists provide online therapy in Ohio and online therapy in Kentucky. Contact our office to learn more about the many ways our team of skilled clinicians can help you thrive.