Morgan McLeish

pronouns: she/her/hers

Licensed Professional Counselor

I started this profession wanting to help people. As a young child, my heart and actions always guided me to love and be there for others. This passion led me to be a therapist, along many other ventures I have taken in my life. I sincerely care for people and have a heart to be there in their dark moments.

After becoming a therapist, accomplishing my goals that I set out for myself, I still felt empty. I still felt depressed, traumatized from my past. I thought to myself, “Is this it?”, “Will I always be this way?”. I then sought out counseling for myself.

As counseling continued, I was in the same shoes my own clients were in. Therapy as a client was VERY scary for me and difficult to identify and express everything I was going through. I became vulnerable with not only my therapist but with myself. It took me a long time to heal and navigate through my emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms that tied into my trauma. Trauma isn’t always the BIG stuff we automatically think about. It can be a neglectful parent, car accidents, motherhood, emotionally distant spouse, self-shaming, & more. When you come to our sessions, please feel free to come as you are and know this is a safe place for hope and healing. 

Even though clients come in with different upbringings, challenges, and perspectives we all desire to be loved, heard, and have a sense of belonging. In session, I help clients identify and express their emotions and thoughts, recognize dysfunctional patterns, and work together to overcome those barriers. My goal is to ensure that you feel supported, challenged, and you grow to learn more about yourself. We all have the power and strength within to overcome anything. I am here to help you along the way to healing and greatness.  


Cincinnati Christian University – MA in Mental Health Counseling

Taylor University – BA in Psychology

Sex Therapy (Current)


General Therapy

Couples/Relationship Therapy

Individual Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Sex Therapy

Session Fee: $120.00

Morgan is under the clinical and sex therapy supervision of Emma Schmidt, Ph.D., LPCC-S, CST and Jean Love, LPCC-S