Natalie Andrews

Marriage & Family Therapist

As a sex therapist and marriage and family therapist at Emma Schmidt & Assoc. Sex + Relationship Therapy Natalie believes everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy relationship and sex life. People are at their best when they are in positive relationships with the people around them. It’s what helps a society function. No man is an island. How can we make our relationships the best possible?

Through the lifespan Natalie helps teach skills, develop and challenge the patterns that she sees to cultivate healthy relationships and healthy sexual health whether a child or an adult.

Natalie loves giving kids their space to let them explore where they are at and the new parts of their sexuality and relationships. She wants to help them feel seen and heard.

Kids struggle with a lot of the same things as adults. “Am I being heard?” “Do they care?” “Can I trust them?”

We don’t just one day figure out how to be perfect in a relationship. It takes work, even as adults. Many adults still struggle with how to understand their own sexuality, sexual interests or how to talk about sex. Natalie is here to meet you at whatever life stage you are in.


  • University of Cincinnati, 2018 – Masters of Education in Behavioral Analysis
  • Seton Hill University, 2015 – Masters of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • University of Dayton,2013 – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Session Fee: $100.00