Because sometimes therapy is easier at home…

In today’s world, online therapy is an easy way to access counseling from the comfort of your surroundings. Online therapy might seem a bit weird at first (especially if you’re doing sex therapy). But, lots of our clients say they actually enjoy talking to our therapists online. Furthermore, they have found that it is easier to make time for counseling when they don’t have to commute in traffic or drive long distances to see a therapist who specializes in the issues they’re having. Now, you can attend sessions before school begins, in-between work meetings, or after their kids go to bed. Overall, online therapy gives you more flexibility to attend counseling at a time that works in your schedule.

Let’s face it, rates of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed. Relationship concerns have become more prominent, and couples are arguing more. And loneliness is more common than ever. Maybe, the stress of being home with your partner all day has become frustrating. Or, your kids are home 24/7, you don’t have a moment to think, let alone take care of yourself. Online therapy can help you through all these issues.

Or maybe, you simply want to dive in and work on your relationship with yourself or your significant other because you recognize that therapy can be a preventive step. Online therapy can help with that too. We are here to help you address the issues that matter to you. Then, you can get back to life and feel happy and confident.

Online Therapy Makes it Simple to Work With a Therapist in Indiana

We know that high-quality relationship counseling and sex therapy are not available in a lot of rural areas in Indiana like Aurora, Santa Claus, or Williamsport for example. If you live in a small town, you may not have access to a therapist who specializes in treating the specific mental health concerns you’re having. Therefore, you would have to travel long distances just to get the mental health support you need. But, with online therapy, our team of therapists can provide you with high-quality counseling services, anywhere in the state of Indiana. Our therapist Vikki Smyth currently offers sex therapy, relationship counseling, DBT, and more to Indiana residents.

HIPPA Compliment Approach During Online Therapy

We get it. Life is strange and complex these days with COVID. We’re here to meet you where you are from the comfort (or chaos) of your home. Our online therapists use a HIPPA compliant online therapy platform, Simple Practice. This platform offers a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore and process the aspects of your life that you find challenging. At Emma Schmidt and Associates, we provide a variety of different types of therapy for individuals, couples, alternative relationships, and groups.

photo of a laptop on the therapist's about page. Learn more about the online therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates who offer online therapy in Ohio and online sex therapy and online marriage counseling

Online Sex Therapy in Indiana …

At Emma Schmidt and Associates our therapy team specializes in providing professional sex therapy to individuals in all kinds of partnerships. This includes monogamous relationships, people in open relationships, swingers, LGBTQIA + relationships, those practicing polyamory, or couples who engage in kink or BDSM.

The mission of sex therapy is to guide you in working through a variety of challenges including but not limited to: 

Online relationship counseling and online marriage therapy…

As sex and relationship therapists, we realize that often there are reoccurring challenges in a relationship that need to be addressed. If they go untreated, it’s hard to move forward in a relationship. Remember, it’s okay for couples to fight, but the mark of a healthy partnership is how couples overcome their challenges and work together. When you find yourself or your partner coping with conflicts and relationship frustration by withdrawing or becoming defensive or hurtful, then it may be time to seek the help of a skilled couples therapist.

In relationship counseling, our team of therapists will guide you in ending negative relationship cycles present in your relationship. This will help you heal your partnership and offer you a clear path to move forward together.

General Therapy for Online Therapy…

Sometimes, you just need someone who can listen to you. Life can bring many different challenges your way. Maybe, you aren’t feeling totally like yourself these days. Or, the concerns of the environment around you has become too much to take. Perhaps, the loneliness of quarantine has really caught up to you. Most people feel depressed, anxious, and stressed at some point in their life. When this happens, it can simply help to have another person to talk with.

All the therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates are educated and trained as general counselors. So, we can guide you through a variety of mental health challenges. However, if we feel that your concerns are outside of our specialization or competency we will make sure you get into the hands of the right people. What is very important to us is that you are getting high-quality care even if that means referring you to another clinician. Please reach out to our therapy office if you are curious if one of our counselors would be the right fit for you and your needs.

Online Premarital Counseling in Indiana…

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re about to get married This is such an important time in your journey when you and your partner are filled with hope for the future.

One of the best ways to ensure marital happiness is to get premarital therapy with a couples therapist. During premarital counseling, you will work on getting to know your future partner better with the help of questions from your counselor. You and your partner will get to take part in an assessment through Prepare/Enrich, which will allow you to better understand your areas of growth and where you thrive in your relationship.

Next, you will discuss challenges that frequently in relationships. These include finances, children and parenting, blending families, cultures, and religions, division of marital and household responsibilities and duties, and more.

Ultimately, premarital counseling sets you up for the best possible success to have a satisfying and long-lasting marriage.

Online Counseling for those with alternative lifestyles…

Our sex and relationship therapists are incredibly skilled in helping couples in all kinds of relationships. This includes individuals in alternative lifestyles. When you’re in an alternative relationship, asking for help can make you feel vulnerable. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in counseling. So we will work hard to provide you with a non-judgmental and comfortable virtual space to talk through your concerns and unique challenges.

Online Trauma Counseling and PTSD treatment…

Surviving trauma may leave you feeling paralyzed, unable to move forward from your painful past. The trauma therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates provide online trauma treatment and PTSD treatment and sexual trauma treatment to help individuals, couples, and families heal. Online therapy offers you to move forward and go from surviving to thriving.

EMDR through Online Therapy…

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an innovative and research-based therapeutic approach used with talk counseling. EMDR helps clients overcome the roadblocks preventing them from moving forward and finding true therapeutic healing. Although it is often used to treat trauma and PTSD, it can also be a treatment for a variety of other mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, sexual and intimacy concerns, performance issues, and more.

EMDR is traditionally done in a clinical setting but we have had success administering it over an online platform too.

photo of Emma Schmidt is an online therapist in Ohio and specializes in offering high-quality sex and marriage counseling. Her practice, Emma Schmit and Associates offers online therapy in ohio for a variety of mental health concerns

Online therapist Emma Schmidt sitting at table with laptop. She specializes in sex therapy and relationship therapy in Cincinnati, OH and offers online therapy in Ohio at Emma Schmidt and Associates

NExt Steps

Our Approach to Online Therapy in Indiana…

At Emma Schmidt and Associates our clinicians aim to provide the same high-quality therapy rather you meet with us online or in person. If you’re worried about the effectiveness of telehealth, don’t be. Actually, research shows that online therapy can be just as effective as traditional in-person counseling. For some people, simply knowing that you can access high-quality therapy services from the comfort of your home helps them open up. Online therapy offers you the security to open up and be vulnerable with your counselor. Our clinicians are ready and able to help you work on the challenges that matter most to you on using our secure online therapy platform.

Please contact our counseling center if you are worried about online counseling. We will be happy to have you try out our Telehealth platform during a free 15-minute consultation session.

Ready to start online therapy?

If you’re ready to begin online counseling to work on your personal, sexual, or relationship concerns, the therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates would be honored to talk with you and share the many ways we can help you thrive. To begin counseling in Indiana, follow these steps:

1. Contact Emma Schmidt and Associates to request a free consultation.

2. Meet with a skilled online therapist through our HIPAA compliant platform.

3. Begin online counseling to achieve mental wellness, health, and happiness.

Other Therapy Services Offered at Emma Schmidt and Associates:

More to check out…

The therapists at Emma Schmidt and Associates, a Cincinnati-based therapy office, are skilled relationship and sex therapists. But, that’s not the only mental health service they offer. Our clinicians treat general mental health and relationship concerns. We treat many different sexual concerns including sexual pain and erectile dysfunction, and mismatched libido. We also offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma and PTSD treatment, sexual trauma treatment, EMDR, affair recovery counseling, and relationship and couples therapy. In addition to offering online therapy in Indiana, we also offer online therapy in Ohio and online therapy in Indiana. Contact our office to learn more about our workshops and the many ways our team of skilled therapists can help you thrive.