Sex Therapy in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

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Beginning therapy can be a difficult step to take. Many people are intimidated to talk with a therapist for the first time. This is especially true when you’re talking about getting help to improve your sex life or deal with relationship concerns. The therapists at Emma Schmidt and Assoc. are very comfortable talking to you about any sexual problems you have. But, we also understand that it can feel abnormal to talk to others about the depths of one’s sex life. Talking about sex is very personal and may make you feel vulnerable. Therefore, our goal is to create a space that feels welcoming for you to explore and work on the areas that you are concerned with.

Our team focuses on sexual difficulties and provides high-quality sex therapy in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. But, we also know that sometimes, your relationship as a whole may need some work. If you are looking to just work on your relationship, that’s okay as well. We are skilled relationship therapists as well.

Sex therapy can involve a number of different concerns. Emma Schmidt & Associates offers non-judgemental comprehensive sex therapy for everyone. We work with women, men LGBTQ + populations, families, and teens. If you are not sure if Emma and her team fit what you are looking for, feel free to send a message or call us. We will be glad to answer your questions and/or guide you to someone who best fits your situation.

a photo of the sex therapy room where a sex therapist in cincinnati, oh offers advice for overcoming sexual performance concerns such as vagnismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and more. the sex therapists at Emma Schmidt and assoc. also offer online sex therapy in Ohio, online sex therapy in Kentucky, and online sex therapy in Indiana.

What is Sex Therapy?

Talk-therapy in a safe space…

It is a form of counseling led by a therapist who has specialized training in sex therapy. The goal is to help individuals and/or couples deal with their sexual concerns.

Through 45-50 minute sessions, you and your therapist will explore your sexual difficulties in an open, relaxing, and therapeutic environment. Sessions are uniquely designed for each individual and/or couple. You’re unique and so is your situation so we take into account your interests and personality when coming up with a treatment plan. The healing process incorporates approaches, such as Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy, Mindfulness, and Meditation Interventions.

We use the latest research and community to best assist you on your journey to optimal sexual health and satisfaction.

Our approach to sex therapy…

During our sessions, we see clients begin to experience intimacy in a way that they have not before. We explore:

  • Sexual communication
  • Different styles of sex
  • How to initiate
  • Body image
  • Mind-body connection
  • How to be more playful and adventurous
  • How to heal from past messages or experiences
  • Overcome sexual anxieties

At Emma Schmidt and Associates we try to keep the first few sessions pretty structured. The first session is going to be about discussing what brought you to therapy, why is now the right right to seek sex therapy, and also where did things begin.

If needed, the second session is about collecting more history regarding your upbringing, sexual history, and relationship history.

Then, the third session involves setting goals. At this point, your therapist has a better understanding of the situation. So, they will be able to help you set up a clear game plan for moving forward. This is when we will work with you to answer the question, “when therapy is done, what would you hope to have had accomplished?”

We believe this approach to counseling allows your therapist to get to the core of what is contributing to your current lack of sexual satisfaction. It also allows for everyone to be on the same page in therapy. In the end, this helps you feel fulfilled sexually in your relationship(s).

Why Sex Therapy?

Because you deserve to have great sex….

People look for sex therapy as a means to resolve conflicts surrounding their sex life, or for improving communication during sex. Sex therapy can benefit not only couples and relationships, but singles, parents, kids, and families.

Seeking therapy as early as possible during these times can positively impact your view of yourself and allow you to live the life you deserve.

In sex therapy, we commonly address the following concerns…

sex therapist Emma Schmidt speaks to a man during sex therapy to help him overcome erectile disfunction and premature ejaculation. the Therapists at Emma Schmidt and associates also offer online sex therapy in ohio, online sex therapy in Kentucky, and online sex therapy in indiana.

Sex therapist Emma Schmidt reviews a clinical text book while typing therapy notes. She offers sex therapy in Cincinnati ohio, online sex therapy in Ohio, online sex therapy in Kentucky, and online sex therapy in indiana to treat a variety of concerns including Vaginismus, Erectile Disfunction, and low sexual desire.


Begin Sex Therapy in Cincinnati, OH…

At Emma Schmidt and Assoc. we’re here to support you in your journey towards having a healthier sex life. We want you to feel informed and empowered to deal with the challenges you’re currently experiencing. We offer you a safe non-judgemental space to improve your sex life. To begin counseling in Cincinnati or online therapy in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky, follow these steps:

1. Contact Emma Schmidt and Associates to request a free consultation.

2. Meet with a sex and relationship therapist online or in our office in Cincinnati.

3. Begin counseling and work towards having a great intimate relationship(s).

Other Services Offered at Emma SCHMIDT and Associates:

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The therapy team at Emma Schmidt and Associates specializes in offering sex therapy. But that’s not the only therapy service they provide at the Cincinnati counseling clinic and online across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. In addition to sex therapy, our therapists treat general mental health and relationship concerns. We treat many different sexual concerns including sexual pain and erectile dysfunction, and we offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma and PTSD treatment, EMDR, and relationship and couples therapy. We also offer therapy in Cincinnati, OH, Ft. Mitchell, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. Contact our office to learn more about the many ways our team of skilled clinicians can help you thrive.