What type of Therapy do you practice?

We’ll meet you where you are…

Therapy can be a difficult step to take for many people. Sex and relationship therapy, takes it to a whole new level. Although Emma Schmidt and Assoc. are very comfortable talking to their clients about any sexual problems they have, she and her team understand that it can feel abnormal to talk to others about the depths of one’s sex life. Talking about sex is a very personal, vulnerable area to go to. Emma Schmidt and Assoc.’s goal is to create a space that feels welcoming for you to explore and work on the areas that you are concerned with.

Though Emma and her team focus on sexual difficulties, they understand that sometimes, the relationship outside of the sexual pieces needs some work. If you are looking to just work on your relationship, that’s okay as well.

Sex therapy can involve a number of different concerns. Emma Schmidt + Assoc. work with women, men and LGBTQ populations. If you are not sure if Emma and her team fit what you’re are looking for, feel free to send a message or call and they will be glad to answer your questions and/or guide you to someone who best fits your situation.


What is Sex Therapy?

Talk therapy in a safe space…

Sex therapy is a form of counseling led by a trained professional in the field of sex therapy to help individuals and/or couples with their sexual concerns.

Through 45-50 minutes sessions therapist and client will explore sexual difficulties in an open, relaxing and therapeutic environment. Sessions are uniquely designed for each individual and/or couple. Taken into account are the client’s interests and personality, in order to utilize different therapeutic approaches to fit the specific situation. The healing process incorporates approaches, such as Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation Interventions.

The latest research and community resources are utilized to best assist clients on their journey to optimal health.

Why Sex Therapy?

Because you deserve to have great sex….

People look for sex therapy as a means to resolve conflicts surrounding their sex life, or for improving communication during sex. Sex therapy can benefit not only couples, but singles, parents, kids, and families.

Seeking therapy as early as possible during these times can positively impact your view of yourself and allow you to live the life you deserve.

Areas of focus consist of but are not limited to:

  • Performance anxieties, inhibited orgasm, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation
  • Sexual desire and libido
  • Sexual disorders and dysfunction
  • Sexually acting out behaviors such as infidelity and addictions
  • Gender identity
  • Emotional intimacy and desire in relationships
  • Sexual trauma and abuse
  • Depression, stress, anger, anxiety that affect sexual health
  • Mind and body integration
  • Boundaries